U.S. Marshals Raid Professional Warehouse and Distribution

Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, announced that it had successfully sought legal help against Professional Warehouse and Distribution. The company, which is based in St. Paul, Minnesota was raided on June 15, 2007 by the U.S. Marshals Service. The FDA says that agents seized food products worth an estimated $73,000 and included foodstuffs like pasta, dried beans, flours and spices. Continue reading “U.S. Marshals Raid Professional Warehouse and Distribution”

Kabir’s Bakery – Allergy Alert

Brooklyn-based Kabir’s Bakery has announced a recall and an allergy alert for its Kabir’s Bakery Cinnamon Twist and its Kabir’s Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Danish products because of a milk ingredient that is not mentioned on the foods’ packaging. Continue reading “Kabir’s Bakery – Allergy Alert”

Dollar General Stores Fork Over $24,000 For Price Scanner Violations

Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture recently announced that it has penalized Dollar General stores around the state $24,000 for price scanner violations already this year. And if that sounds like a lot to you, consider that since 2013, the chain has forked over more than $210,000. Continue reading “Dollar General Stores Fork Over $24,000 For Price Scanner Violations”

Queso Fresco Recalled – Listeria

Global Garlic, which is based in Miami, Florida, announced on Wednesday that the company is recalling all packages of its 16-ounce blocks of Queso Fresco/ Whole Milk and Queso Fresco x LB(Barra)/Whole Milk Cheese after routine tests turned up Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in a  sample. Continue reading “Queso Fresco Recalled – Listeria”