Queso Fresco Recalled – Listeria

Global Garlic, which is based in Miami, Florida, announced on Wednesday that the company is recalling all packages of its 16-ounce blocks of Queso Fresco/ Whole Milk and Queso Fresco x LB(Barra)/Whole Milk Cheese after routine tests turned up Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in a  sample.

This is an expansion on the company’s May 15th recall, which covered only 27 units.

In this update, the company expands the recall to include all 16-ounce packages and all 5-6 pound blocks of the cheese. The smaller packages bear the UPC 8-96211-00235-9 and have an expiration date of September 19, 2017 stamped onto the plastic. The bulk packages do not have UPC codes but carry an expiration date of June 17, 2017.

Global Garlic says that the affected cheese was sent to stores in these states:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina

The initial positive test was performed by the Florida Department of Agriculture Consumer Services. Neither it nor Global Garlic have documented any reports of anyone contracting listeriosis after consuming the potentially tainted queso fresco.

If you have any of the cheese on hand you should return it to your place of purchase. You will be given a full refund of your purchase price.

The company says that its production line has been temporarily shut down while it works with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, to find the source of the Listeria bacteria.

If you would like more information about this recall, you can contact the company directly at (305) 545-6305 during normal business hours.


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